Welcome to the Ruru Team!

Our team consists of five Year 5/6 Classes. Through the The Pukete School Virtues,  Key Competencies and Inquiry Learning, we provide an exciting and engaging programme within our classrooms. We take pride in our teaching, not only being able to cater for the academic side of education, but also offering valuable life skill experiences for our students.  Our aim in Ruru Team is to ensure that children are ready for Intermediate School and we also want our students to know the importance of being a good citizen.

In Room 3 we have Miss Pip Herron who is an experienced teacher and has a passion for teaching Physical Education. You will often see Miss Herron out on the field or netball courts with her Year5/6 class. When you enter Room Three you will be surrounded by a creative space where children can learn and Miss Herron can teach. If you watch really carefully, you may even see Miss Herron whizzz past you on Lake Karapiro in the weekends on her wakeboard or wake skate. She also enjoys Park run at the Hamilton Lake on a Saturday morning or carving it up on the mountain biking tracks in Rotorua! We are team PURPLE.

In Room Four, we have Mrs Jacina Stapleton. She has a passion for The Arts, Music, Sustainability and Te Reo. Mrs Stapleton is also in charge of the School Choir and looks forward to coaching children to perform and showcase their vocal giftings. WHITE is the class colour, so come prepared to represent Room 4. We enjoy her youth and enthusiasm to our great Ruru Team.

In Room 5 we have Mr Matt Down. We are very lucky to have Matt in our team for 2018. 

In Room 6 we have Mr Jeremy Tomkins who joins us this year in Ruru Team. Mr Tomkins has a great deal of experience teaching within the Swimming programme and also brings his expertise in digital learning particularly when helping with our Production in Term Three. He is looking forward to getting involved with Flippaball at Pukete this year as well. You can also find Mr Tomkins working on cars and at a racetrack or two in the weekends. We welcome you to GREEN machine turbos team of Room 6.

Mrs Sandra Hanks is now in Room 7 and she is teaching Year Five/Six.