Welcome to the Ruru Team!

Our team consists of five Year 5/6 Classes. Through the The Pukete School Virtues,  Key Competencies and Inquiry Learning, we provide an exciting and engaging programme within our classrooms. We take pride in our teaching, not only being able to cater for the academic side of education, but also offering valuable life skill experiences for our students.  Our aim in Ruru Team is to ensure that children are ready for Intermediate School and we also want our students to know the importance of being a good citizen. 

In our team the Year 6 students enjoy the opportunity to participate in school duties such as milk, lunch and newsletter monitors, staffroom duties and reading out the karakia in the mornings. Some Year 6 students have leadership roles such as Student Leaders / student voice, Road Patrollers, Librarians, and PALS where they have support and guidance from members of our school and our community.

Miss Pip Herron teaches in Room 3. She has been “Team Ruru” for almost 5 years. Room 3’s class colour is PURPLE. Miss Herron and Room 3 enjoy talking with one another, telling stories, and participating in a variety of cooperative games in and out of the classroom. Miss Herron organises our school PALS and all the senior school sporting events, along with taking our students to Inter-School competitions.

In Room Four, we have Mrs Erica Andersen. She is excited to be joining the Pukete Team after coming back from Maternity Leave where her daughter Abigail made her a Mother. She has a passion for The Arts, Music, Reading and all things admin. You may often hear Mrs Andersen before you see her as she is often singing. WHITE is the class colour, so come prepared to represent Room 4.

Mr Matt Down is the teacher in Room 5. He is in his fifth year teaching, originally teaching up in Auckland. Mr Down has moved to the Waikato with his wife and baby daughter. He is passionate about any sport but especially Cricket and Rugby. Blue is Room 5’s class colour, we will try our best to make it a successful colour, not like that other Blue teacher north of the Bombays.

In Room 6 we have Mr Jeremy Tomkins. His strengths and expertise are in Drama and technology and he does also enjoy his sports.  Mr Tomkins will be the director for our Year 6 production this year which we are all excited about. He is also supporting and co-ordinating our school technician leaders.  GREEN machine turbos are found in Room 6!

Mrs Sandra Hanks is the teacher of Room 7 and also the team leader. She has moved back to the Ruru team after having three years in the Kakapo team. Mrs Hanks is supporting our student leaders this year and will attend the National Young Leaders conference with them. She is also the school netball co-ordinator. ORANGE is Room 7’s class colour... ‘GO ORANGE”. Mrs Hanks enjoys a friendly competition amongst the senior learning team.