Communication with Parents

School Newsletters                                             

These are compiled weekly to keep parents/caregivers informed of all school activities. The oldest child in each family attending the school is given the newsletter on Friday. The newsletter is available via e-mail  and online here for those parents/caregivers who wish to use this option

Daily Notices & Facebook 

Keep informed with regular updates posted on our Pukete School facebook page.

Email/ Calls Home

We aim to work closely with parents to ensure that your child gains the maximum benefit from their time at Pukete School. Teachers will email/phone parents in regards to student progress and behaviour to keep everyone in the loop.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to become involved in the school.   We have opportunities available for families to support with sports coaching and management, fundraising through our school PTA, and class trips and camps.

Formal opportunities will be organised by the school during Terms 1 and 3 to discuss reports.

Change of Address or Phone Number

Please notify the school office if you change your address or phone number. 

We need current phone numbers in case of an emergency.