Kiwi Team

Kiwi Team 2019

Rooms: 18, 19, 20 and 21

Room 18 Miss Hilary Milne (Team Leader)

Rm 19  Nicole Hayhurst

Rm 20  Ms Sarah Peers

Rm 21 Mrs Andrea Ray

The Kiwi team are a bunch of wonderful Year One and Two learners.

In Year Two our main focus is Literacy and Numeracy; as well as developing the Key Competencies; Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Thinking, and Using Language, Symbols and Texts. 

Here is our team:


Nicole Hayhurst

Mrs Ray joins us again this year but in a new room, 21. She enjoys teaching art, literacy and technology. Her room is a fun and creative place to learn in. She enjoys spending time with her family camping, reading and photography.

Ms Sarah Peers