Kiwi Team

Kiwi Team 2017

Rooms: 2, 19, 20 and 21

Room 2 Mrs Andrea Ray

Rm 19  Miss Sally Garrick

Rm 20  Mrs Kimberley Tahere (Team Leader)

Rm 21 Miss Jade Kemp

The Kiwi team are a bunch of wonderful Year One and Two learners.

In Year Two our main focus is Literacy and Numeracy; as well as developing the Key Competencies; Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Thinking, and Using Language, Symbols and Texts. 

Here is our team:

Mrs Ray joins us again this year in Room Two. She enjoys teaching art, literacy and technology. Her room is a fun and creative place to learn in. She enjoys spending time with her family camping, reading and photography.

Miss Sally Garrick teaches Year One and Two children in Room 19.  She runs the Jump Jam movement to music programme for the Junior School on Fridays.  Sally also enjoys being part of our PB4L School-wide team.  In her own time she enjoys reading good books and also being active outdoors.

Mrs Kimberley Tahere teaches Year Two children in Room 20.  She loves travelling and spends most of her travels in the United States.  She enjoys learning about other cultures and believes in nurturing a culturally diverse classroom. She is a huge fan of children’s literature and encourages the children to bring and share their books as part of their learning journey.