Kea Team

Welcome to the Kea team for 2018.  In our team we have 4 classes.

In Room 15 we have Mr Emerson Taylor and he has a class of Year 3's.

In Room 16 we have Mrs Jackie Phillips (the Team Leader) who has a year 3 class. She teaches in the classroom from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Lyndal Mathews teaches on Fridays.

In Room 17 is Miss Sally Garrick and her class of Year 3’s.

In Room 2 is Sarah Peers and her class or Year 2 and Year 3 students. 

Kea team is a tight knit team who like to collaborate closely and share our areas of interest and expertise. As a team we strive to promote a positive growth mindset as we encourage our students to be lifelong learners. Our challenge this year will be to have stronger Te Reo Maori integration within our core learning areas.