Kea Team

Welcome to the Kea team for 2019.  In our team we have 4 classes.

In Room 15 we have Mrs Leanne Barakat and she has a class of Year 3's.

In Room 16 we have Mrs Kimberley Tahere teaching year 3’s. She loves travelling and spends most of her travels in the United States.  She enjoys learning about other cultures and believes in nurturing a culturally diverse classroom. She is a huge fan of children’s literature and encourages the children to bring and share their books as part of their learning journey. Mrs Tahere is the Kea team’s Team Leader.

In Room 17 is Miss Sally Garrick and her class of Year 2 and 3's. She enjoys reading, music and keeping fit. She loves to incorporate these interests into her classroom whenever possible.

In Room 2 is Mrs Nicola Baguley and her class of Year 3 students. 

Kea team is a tight knit team who like to collaborate closely and share our areas of interest and expertise. As a team we strive to promote a positive growth mindset as we encourage our students to be lifelong learners. Our challenge this year will be to have stronger Te Reo Maori integration within our core learning areas.