In the interest of child safety, if a child should not be able to attend school then please phone 849 4352 and leave an absence message on the school answerphone. 

You can also email us via office@puketeschool.co.nz  or  text 02102062046

Where no message is received the school office will endeavour to contact the home for an explanation of absence.


If a student needs to attend an appointment during school hours they must bring a note to their teacher, stating the time they need to leave class and the person who will be collecting them. Parent/caregiver must sign out their child at the office when they leave, and sign in again when they return.

For some children there are access and custody issues. We only release students to the custodial parent or legal guardian, as stated on their enrolment form - from the main office. Please understand that this is to ensure the safety of all our students. 


Students that arrive after the 8.55 am bell must report to the office to sign in. If we have not heard from you and your child is away, or they forget to sign in after arriving late we may contact you to check on where your child is, this is done in the interests of safety.